Sturdy Birdy Stair Climbing Farmers Market Cart

By Nicely Neat

  • Easy stair climbing design; tri-wheels allow you to move the cart up steps and curbs with stability and ease
  • Easy to assemble for long-lasting durability; this cart includes a simple, easy to follow, step by step list of illustrated instructions on how to assemble the cart; it consists of durable materials; use this cart frequently through a variety of terrain; its multi-purpose functionality can be very handy at markets, laundromats, picnics, and getting around town with a load of stuff
  • Versatile and built to last; unfold the cart frame outwards to create a receptacle that is 15.5 x 11.8 x 13 inches (39.5 x 30 x 33 centimeters); when completely folded out, secure the cart frame with the clip attached to the base; the double hooks attached to the upper front section of the frame can be used to hang additional bags or other light items; with the collapsible frame, you can also use the cart as a dolly for transporting larger items
  • Easy to store away; the base of the cart also folds for easy storage
  • Body of Cart: 15.5 x 11.8 x 13 inches (39.5 x 30 x 33 centimeters)
    Complete Height (from bottom of wheels to top of handle): 37 inches (94 centimeters)
    Cart Folded Flat: 37 x 7.88 inches (94 x 20 centimeters)

Item BGS-00004-A



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