Magic Mouse Case + Protector Case for 60W 45W Magsafe Power Adapter-Nicely Plaid

By Nicely Neat


Custom fit Magic Mouse and MagSafe Power Adapter cases. Made from premium fabrics and dampening to materials to protect your power adapter from falls and scratches.

  • Specially made to fit Apple's Mighty Mouse and 85w/60w MagSafe Power Adapter.
  • Magsafe case accommodates power adapter with duck head plug and coiled power cable. Extension cable will not fit.
  • Made from a hi-tech composition of materials for shock resistance, scratch resistance, and design: Microsuede, Bayer damping film, buffer spewing, spongiform, MORE Bayer damping film, and cotton surface material.

Item ELC-00007-A_ELC-00005-A