Eight Immortals International Chess Set

By Yellow Mountain Imports


This gorgeous chess set features figures modeled on "The Eight Immortals" from Chinese mythology. Each pawn is different and represents characters such as "Iron Crutch" (see photo) who always carries a cane and a hollow gourd - he's the deity of the poor.

The playing board folds up into an elegant wooden carrying case, which looks just as nice resting on a shelf as it does with the chess pieces arranged on top.

These chess sets are made in northwest China using traditional methods and incorporating motifs from Chinese history and mythology. The chess pieces are molded from ground cattle bone. The board is made of wood and coated with a layer of leather that is s

  • Carrying case is 16-1/4" x 8-1/2" x 4" (41cm x 21cm x 10cm).
  • Playing board is 16-1/4" x 16-3/4" (41cm x 42cm).
  • King: 4.2" (10.7cm) Queen: 3.6" (9.2cm). Pawn: 2" (5cm)
  • This chess set is brand new.

Item MQ-CH001-A