Slopes Instant Camera Tripod Monopod Mount Adapter Stand For GoPro 3 and 4

By Rogeti


Make the world your tripod. Set up your GoPro instantly with Slopes' innovative polyhedral stand. Other GoPro accessories require time consuming setup. With Slopes, simply slide your GoPro in, angle, and record.

You can also attach two or more Slopes stands side by side for 3D shooting or special visual effects like "bullet time".

  • Innovative polyhedron bottom 3-in-1 slot provides 20 different positions to stage your GoPro including: 7 landscape pitches, 8 portrait pitches and 4 rolls.
  • Never miss a beat of action with Slopes. Simply slide in your GoPro, angle, press record and that spontaneous moment is yours. Slopes' low profile also means you can get super low-angle shots that can never be achieved with other tripods.
  • Shooting without a housing, Slopes also avoids issues like low quality audio recording, lens glare and overheating.
  • Side joints allow you to connect two stands or more side by side, enabling 3D shooting or special visual effects like "bullet time".
  • GoPro Hero 3 White/Silver/Black, GoPro Hero 3+ Silver/Black, GoPro Hero 4 Silver/Black

Item RGT-0001-A
UPC 810989023118