Slopes (Black Edition) Multi-Function, Easy-to-Use, Instant Stand for GoPro Came

By Nicely Neat


  • Compatible with just about every GoPro camera model such as GoPro Hero, Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4, Hero5, in Black, Silver, or White editions; it fits the the GoPro camera while in its housing case; this stand is waterproof, dustproof, extremely compact, and easy to use
  • 5 facets are sloped in varying degrees at the bottom surface to provide 5 positioning angles; slope degrees are marked clearly at the top surface; the GoPro can attach to the stand in 4 orientations (portrait, landscape, forwards, and backwards); 5 positioning angles and 4 orientations give you 18 ways to point your GoPro
  • This stand includes a node anchor that allows you to mount it onto a tripod and shoot 4 positions giving you a 360 degree panorama when you connect the 4 shots using panorama stitching software
  • The side of the stand has a groove that allows you to connect two or more stands side by side enabling you to shoot 3D movies or multiple footage of the same scenes

Item RGT-0003-A
UPC 810989023705