Slopes (Black Edition) Multi-Function, Easy-to-Use, Instant Stand for GoPro in its Housing Case

By Rogeti


Compatible with just about every GoPro camera model such as GoPro Hero, Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4, Hero5, in Black, Silver, or White editions; it fits the GoPro camera while in its housing case; this stand is waterproof, dustproof, extremely compact, and easy to use

5 facets are sloped in varying degrees at the bottom surface to provide 5 positioning angles; slope degrees are marked clearly on the top surface; the GoPro can attach to the stand in 4 orientations (portrait, landscape, forwards, and backwards); 5 positioning angles and 4 orientations give you 18 ways to point your GoPro

Capture magnificent panoramic images; this stand includes a node anchor that allows you to mount it onto a tripod and shoot 4 positions while maintaining a consistent camera angle


Use panorama stitching software to connect the 4 shots and create a 360-degree panoramic image

The side of the stand has a groove that allows you to connect two or more stands side by side enabling you to shoot 3D movies or multiple footages of the same scenes

Hero5's voice commands to start and stop recording is very convenient for shooting 3D footage with SLOPES Black; just say "GoPro, start recording" to the adjoined Hero5 cameras to simultaneously initiate recording in both cameras and begin 3D filming

When using a pair of Hero3's or Hero4's to capture 3D footage, simply leave at least one of the pair in its skeleton housing to have them well connected; press the record buttons on the remote controllers for both cameras simultaneously to begin 3D filming

The ribbed bottom surface gives the stand the capability to join with Lego bricks, therefore expanding the stand's applications even further; for example, attach the GoPro and Slopes Black stand onto a Lego truck and use it as a steadicam that stabilizes the camera while shooting in motion


Capture a single moment in various angles without the assistance of multiple photographers or videographers; use SLOPES Black to set up the shot in multiple angles in less than a minute