Shoe Box Transparent Drawer Stackable Storage Organizer Case - Men's Set of 4

By Nicely Neat


This shoe organizer case for men is one of the finest storage systems for shoes available on the market today. This is a modular system which you can add to as needed. You can also stack and arrange the modules as you desire. Unlike the lid system, the drawer system of this set allows you to retrieve your shoes without having to unstack shoe cases. These shoe cases have transparent windows that allow you to search for the pair of shoes you would like to retrieve without having to open the cases. Your shoes stay fresh through air circulation passing through vent holes.

  • Durable Modular System: Stack and arrange shoe case modules as you desire. Add and stack onto your existing system as needed. No limit to how high you can stack; External dimensions of each case are 13.75"x9.25"x5.3" (35cm x 23.5cm x 13.5cm) and internal dimensions 12.8"x8.5"x4.7" (32.5cm x 21.8cm x 12cm).
  • Shoe Organizer Case: Drawers allow you to retrieve your shoes without having to repeatedly unstack, disassemble, and reassemble your modular system of shoe cases.
  • Transparent Windows: Each shoe case has a transparent window for easy and convenient identification.
  • Shoes Stay Fresh: Vent holes maintain air circulation in the shoe case keeping your shoes fresh.

Item STR-00008-A
UPC 810989023019